"Lux Art Dream Design" offers you a super quality service !

1. Together with you we discuss and concretise your stair concept and / or interior project.

2.The creation of a staircase starts with the most optimal measurements of our Flexijet 3D laser device. This equipment takes millimeter-accurate measurements for the potential stair and Design cupboards within the chosen interior.

Our Lux Art specialist designs on computer not only the classic plan of the staircase and the interior cupboards, but also 3D drawings for a photo-realistic representation of your staircase and cupboards within this visualized space. This visual planning gives you the opportunity to discuss with him your staircase and cupboards concept in a concrete way and to match it with your dream interior wishes.

3. During the production of your staircase, "Lux Art Dream Design" makes it possible for you to follow up the steps of the manufacturing process.

For the furnishing of dressing rooms, living and storage areas, offices and store design, our interior specialist will record all further detailed measurements with you, based on your design.

4." Lux Art Dream Design" also wants to guide you professionally in the colorful world of Mortex and Stone carpets floors and walls! So you can, from your personal creative ideas, conjure a beautiful super design look in your home, office or shopping gallery!

We are here for you!

At “ Lux Art Dream Design “ the customer is king!

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