Stone Carpets

What is a stone carpet floor?

  • Composition of small quartz gravel granules binded by transparent epoxy resin.
  • The size of the granules according to your preference.
  • The stone carpet can be colored in different shades: great variety of colours.
  • Decorative options: composition of lines, figures, edges, paterns (repeating designs), logos.


  • Granule gradation and floor thickness:
  • Granule diameter 1-2 mm Thickness 4,5 mm
    Granule diameter 2-3 mmThickness 6 mm
    Granule diameter 3-4 mmThickness 8 mm

  • High degree of hardness (7 on the Mohr scale).
  • Open or closed structure.
  • Sublime water resistance.
  • Hardwearing – durable.
  • Without joints or gaps.
  • Temperature conducting.
  • Sound isolating.
  • Good bending resistance: depending on the size of the granules and the percentage of the binder: 5,7-7,7N/mm2.
  • On the condition of applying a layer of a special primer and, if necessary a reinforcing mat, suitable for all types of stable underground of tiles, wood, concrete screed e.g.
  • Aesthetic result:  from modern freshness to cosy atmosphere. Depending on the chosen colours and decorative elements. 

Where to use a stone carpet floor 

  • In every living, working or sanitary space. Examples: house, apartment, office, showroom, practice, gallery, garage, sports gym e.g.
  • Walls.
  • Stairs.

How to assure the durability of the stone carpet floor

  • Easy to maintain.
  • Do not use any abrasive sponge, nor cleansing agents that contain abrasive or acid components.
  • If desired, possibility to procure special cleansing products.

It would be our pleasure to pay you a visit in order to go through the different options for your project!

Stone Carpets

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