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“ Lux Art Dream Design " supplies first class Brand stairs and belongs to the top of Europe! 

Our Company " Lux Art Dream Design S.a.r.l." is an Economic and Commercial Partner of the Company " Stairs Design ". Our economic and commercial cooperation is spread across Europe in Poland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. “Lux Art Dream Design " is the official Business Partner and Exclusive Independent Trade Distributor of " Stairs Design " for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Belgium.

2. What are our stairs known for?

- First class stairs with a high quality finish,

- A wide variety of exclusive Brand stairs,

- Innovative and high-tech,

- Products manufactured in a timeless and also contemporary design,

- A delight to the eye, in harmony with the interior or space,

- Variation and combination of solid, high-quality materials: steel, metal, wood, glass,

- Efficient and ergonomic,

- Customer-friendly in maintenance.

3. The clientele of " Lux Art Dream Design " includes both individual customers, as well as architects, building promoters, developers, real estate agents. 

We deliver to small and large-scale projects, i.e. large quantities of stairs and serial production.

We can, on demand, professionally deliver!

4. " Lux Art Dream Design " offers you, as a professional company, a super quality service, where teamwork with you is paramount !

How do we realize together an optimal staircase project ?

-" Lux Art Dream Design " is an experience expert in small and large scale teamwork.

- You, as a professional, submit your construction or project concept to" Lux Art Dream Design ".

- The detailed discussion takes place on building plan and if possible already at the construction site or in an existing building. Our specialist takes potential local measurements with a laserdevice.

- A valid tender is submitted and discussed.

- After thorough business consultation, we sign the order and the delivery date or concrete deadline depending on the new building.

- Once the plastering of the room or the new building is completely finished, our specialist can perform the exact millimeter-precise measurements with our Flexijet 3D laser device of the potential staircases and the spaces

- Our computer expert creates the classic staircase plan and 3D drawings for a photo-realistic representation of the staircase(s) in the visualized space.

- As a professional specialist, you suggest the necessary improvements and adjustments.

- Together we decide to put the staircase(s) into production, taking into account the date.

-" Lux Art Dream Design " offers you the possibility to follow up the production process.

5. As a professional, you can also have, for your clientele, large interior designs - of homes, multi-spaces, offices or a shopping gallery harmonious and functional - concretized by our " Lux Art Dream Design "- interior experts regarding :

- Large interior concept: Dressings, wall shelves, drawers, add-on wall and built-in cupboards, storage units.

- Mortex walls and Mortex floors. A rich range of colors!

- Stone carpets as ground coverings, also on walls and stairs. A wealth of color variety and design drawings in the Stone carpet according to the customer's choice.

Our company guarantees a solid and customer-friendly service : A deal is a deal !

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