Tube is a very simple, classic and light form of railings. The rhythm of vertical metal pipes attached to the step or to its side is most often crowned with a wooden handrail. Perfect for spiral stairs, but it also fits very well with classic forms of stair models. The Tube railing, depending on the type of stairs to which it is used, is also available with square wooden posts or with a filling made of turned wood.

Tube 25

Tube 25 is a proposal that will find its application in all Lux Art stairs and drapes. The rhythm of regularly spaced metal pipes with a diameter of 25 mm will give the interior a strong, modern character, while maintaining a light structure. - metal pipe with a diameter of 25 - available RAL colors - suggested spacing 120 mm - creates a wall from the floor to the ceiling - possibility of arranging from the step to the ceiling - maximum length of pipes 3000 mm

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Novelty Wooden slats

Wooden slats are a solution dedicated to stairs on a wooden structure, with wooden steps or facing concrete stairs. Attached to the stairs, surrounding them, they will create a minimalist, coherent, wood-scented decorative element of space. - wooden slats with a cross section of 60 x 40 - available wood species from the Lux Art offer (beech, oak, ash, merbau, walnut and others) - available colors from the Lux Art palette - suggested spacing 120 mm - creates a wall from floor to ceiling - possibility of arrangement from step to the ceiling - the maximum length of the strips is 3000 mm

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Openwork wall made of evenly mounted metal profiles with dimensions of 40x27 mm. Thanks to the wide range of applications (possible installation for all models of stairs and drapes), together with Lux art products, it will create a completely new, elegant form with a timeless character. - metal profile with a cross-section of 40 x 27 - available RAL colors - suggested spacing 120 mm - creates a wall from the floor to the ceiling - possibility of arranging from the step to the ceiling - maximum length of pipes 3000 mm

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Weld is a minimalistic and simple railing that is new to Lux Art. This balustrade is made of rectangular closed profiles, welded and then powder painted. Alternatively, it is possible to use a wooden handrail and fillings made of tubes or flat bars.

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Handrails and balustrades Laser is modernity and technology in one. They are made of sheet metal, 8 mm thick, powder painted. A 40x40 mm handrail can be used. They are mounted to the side of the steps or to the ceiling face. They are an ideal solution in minimalist and unusual interiors. Laser cutting technology gives unlimited possibilities in their design, according to the customer's design and preferences

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Glass balustrades are the most popular and fashionable staircase complement and protection. Glass adds elegance, modernity and optically brightens and enlarges the room. It is safe, solid and functional. Perfect for any type of treatment stairs. Classic Glass Balustrades consist of metal posts, glass panes stretched between them and metal or wooden handles.

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Zenith glass balustrades replace the metal tubes that fill the classic Zenith model with a glass pane. The simple form of the railing means that it can be used with any type of stairs: wooden and metal, classic and modern. The exclusive and elegant form of this railing adds even modernity and attractive appearance to the simplest stairs.

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The Glass Pane balustrade creates a beautiful and exclusive stair setting. Makes the interior seem more modern, spacious and bright. Various types of glass are used in the production of this railing: clear classic, optiwhite and colored. In order to ensure safety of use, the glass is double-layer glued using a foil laminate and tempered. This balustrade can be mounted in two ways: to the ceiling face or steps using metal rotules or using special aluminum profiles. Advanced production and assembly technology means that, contrary to appearances, this balustrade is safe and stable.

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Classic 4 Tubes. It's a classic balustrade that visually blends in with every Lux Art stair model. It is a handrail consisting of square or round posts, wooden or metal handrail, filled with four stainless steel pipes as standard.

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Filo is a steel balustrade with a simple, modern and elegant line. The vertical balusters made of metal are both functional and decorative scaffolding for horizontal steel tubes. This balustrade is topped with a metal or wooden handrail. The handrail can be mounted both to the upper surface of the step and the side or bottom of the step depending on the design of the stairs.

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The Filo wood railing is a new version of the metal Filo model. Wooden vertical balusters support horizontal steel tubes. The composition of steel and wood in one is an elegant complement to almost any type of stairs. The Filo handrails are mounted to the winding stairs, as well as to the cladding of concrete stairs.

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Zenith is metal, elegant balustrades and handrails. They work perfectly in combination with stairs with a classic, as well as modern or minimalist form. The marriage of wood, stairs and metal is elegance and quality in one. These railings are mounted on the step or to the side of the step.

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Forged balustrade is a solid, elegant and classic line of Lux Art products. The strong accent of forged balusters makes this model elevate and enhance the rank of the stairs. The subtle but expressive form of the balustrade supplemented with wooden posts and a handrail fits traditional models of spiral and winding stairs.

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