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1.“Lux Art Dream Design S.a.r.l.”is a Business Partner of “ Stairs Design ” and supplies first-class Brand stairs, the top of Europe.

The enterprise “ Lux Art Dream Design S.a.r.l.” is an Economic and Trade Partner of the Company “Stairs Design ”. Our economic and trade cooperation is spread over Europe in Poland, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

It all started with the factory Rintal, which was founded in 1974 and became the leader in the industry of “interior staircases” in Italy and in many countries. This success inspired our Company “Lux Art Dream Design” and others in Europe to enter with Rintal into an economic and trade partnership: “ Stairs Design”. “Lux Art Dream Design” is the official Business Partner and Exclusive Independent Trade Distributor of “Stairs Design” for the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Belgium.

On our website we offer you and your customers wide range of innovative high-tech design stairs of extraordinary quality, adapted to your specific, contemporary requirements in a variation and combination of steel, metal, wood, glass.

Adapted to the high-tech Brand stairs, we can produce designer handrails and balustrades.

2. You can also further develop your living interiors or workspaces harmoniously and functionally in a timeless or contemporary design, thanks to the other unique products of " Lux Art Dream Design ".

- Our interior specialist offers you the chance to concretize your large living concept in custom-made dressings, wall mounted and built-in cupboards in the living areas, storage areas.

- Your residential interior, business office or multi space will exude modern super design, thanks to our artistic Mortex walls and Mortex floors in their beautiful color palette, according to your choice. This modern Mortex design replaces any wallpaper as well as floor and wall tiles. Exceptionally intensive specialist work!

- Also, a world will open for you in the modern, colorful Stone carpets, spread as floors, on walls and stairs. You choose the composition of the colors and the stone grains. A unique design, in which even personal designs in the Stone carpet can be colorfully elaborated!


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About us

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